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Printing Visual Markups in Bible Text


How do I include Visual Markups in printed or copied Bible text?


The Sentence Diagramming feature in Libronix DLS is the tool to use to bring over Visual Markup Styles with your text. Follow the steps below to create a new sentence diagram, insert a Bible passage, add visual markups, and export the diagram to a PDF document. (Click on images below to enlarge them.)

    1. Click on File | New
    2. Select Sentence Diagram and click OK.
    3. Click on Insert Passage on the upper-left side of the Sentence Diagram toolbar.
    4. Select As Wrapping Columns(s).
    5. Type the Number of Columns.
    6. Choose the Bible Version from the drop-down list.
    7. Type the Passage.
    8. Select/deselect "Include Transliteration as Alternate Text" as desired. Requires an original language resource as the Version.
    9. Select/deselect "Color Words by Part of Speech" as desired. Requires a morphologically-tagged resource as the Version. 
    10. Click on Insert Passage.
    11. Select a word to mark up and click on View | Visual Markup Styles. Select multiple words by holding down the Ctrl key as you left click on each word.
    12. Select a style from the drop-down list, such as "Highlighter Pens" or "Precept Inductive Bible Study," then choose a markup, such as "Blue" (highlighter pen) or "atonement" (precept). 
    13. Click Close. You can also choose a visual markup by clicking on the Apply Visual Markup button  on the Libronix DLS toolbar. 
    14. When your Sentence Diagram is complete click on File | Export or click on the Export to PDF button  on the Sentence Diagram toolbar.
    15. Select the Export location, type a File name, and click Save. The resulting PDF file can be opened in Adobe Reader. (If Adobe Reader isn't currently installed, download and install the free Adobe Reader.) 



There are four Emphasis Markups that can be printed directly from Libronix DLS or copied into a word processing or other document:

1.   Bold Text

2.   [Brackets] 

3.   >>Inline Pointers<< 

4.   Large text