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Power Tools Addin

Power Tools Addin

The Power Tools Addin is freely available as part of Libronix DLS. The addin contains a number of features that advanced users find helpful. Use the instructions at the end of this article to install the addin.

Fuzzy Search

Fuzzy Search, on the Search menu, is used to find a phrase of text in a resource when you aren't sure exactly how that phrase is actually worded. This is a highly
useful search option, since most of us have a less-than-perfect memory...you could even say it is fuzzy. Perhaps you memorized a verse long ago in KJV, for example, but can't remember all of it or are trying to find it in a newer version. Fuzzy Search is just what you need.

Simply type the words you remember (e.g., "take this cup from me") and Fuzzy Search will find phrases that are similar to the phrase you enter. Fuzzy Search doesn't assume that every word you enter will be found, but ranks each result to form a list of most likely hits.

Quick Navigation

The Quick Navigate toolbar allows you to quickly go to a particular resource or data type reference without opening My Library or any other dialog. Example: Click in the Quick Navigate box, then type KJV and hit Enter to jump directly to the King James Version.

Custom Resource Associations

The Define Resource Associations dialog (Tools | Library Management | Define Resource Associations) can be used to define resource associations (both “serial” and “parallel”) that override the standard resource associations. Examples: Use the dialog to create a serial resource association to associate your favorite Hebrew Old Testament with your favorite Greek New Testament. Use the dialog to create a parallel resource association with the KJV and the NKJV; now the Parallel Resources feature for either of those two resources will show only those two resources, in that order.

Stacked Window Tabs

The Libronix DLS does a great job of automatically positioning resource and report windows, but after opening a number of them, windows are often stacked directly on top of one another. The Stacked Window Tabs feature (Tools | Options | Power Tools | Stacked Window Tabs) causes stacked windows to display buttons that show you the titles of the windows that are hidden, as well as providing an easy way to switch among them. [Note: Stacked Window Tabs are now installed automatically, without installing the other Power Tools.]

Remove Duplicate Resources

The Remove Duplicate Resources report (Tools | Library Management | Remove Duplicate Resources) determines if any of the resources in your library have duplicate files on your machine. If duplicate resource files are found, the report allows you to delete all but one of them to free up disk space.

Copy Location to Clipboard

The libronixdls: protocol makes it easy to hyperlink into the Libronix DLS from Web pages and other documents; the difficulty is in determining what the actual hyperlink should be. The Copy Location to Clipboard command aims to make the process much simpler: use the Libronix DLS to display the window you want the hyperlink to display, click on Favorites |  Copy Location to Clipboard, then paste the hyperlink into your document or Web page.

How to Get the Addin

The Power Tools Addin is available free for download at any time. To install it, connect to the Internet, open Libronix and click Tools | Libronix Update. When Libronix Update opens, click the arrow next to Optional and select Power Tools Addin and Power Tools Addin Help. Click Update. If Power Tools is not listed under Optional, either under your language User Interface or by itself, close Libronix and click here to run the Missing Addins autoupdate script.

Last Updated: 6/3/2009