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Opening Two Copies of the Same Book

There are multiple ways to open the same book twice:

  1. Hold the Shift or Ctrl key down as you click on a Bible passage link in a Search Results or other report window to open a second copy of a currently-opened Bible. This will allow the first window to remain open at the current passage while opening a new resource window to a different passage in the same Bible.
  2. Press SHIFT+Click on a title in My Library to open a new copy of that book.
  3. Click on Window | New Window to open another copy of the active window.
  4. Press CTRL+SHIFT+N to open another copy of the active window.
  5. Type the book title (or recognized abbreviation) in the Quick Navigate toolbar (or Go: box) and press ENTER. Then click back into the box and press ENTER again to open another copy of the active window.