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Introducing Smart Search

Using the new Smart Search feature in Logos 6.

About Smart Search

Smart Search can be a helpful tool for breaking down a broad term, like "marriage," into more managable segments, like "marriage law," "marriage customs," "relationships" or major biblical events related to marriage.

  • To use Smart Search, open a Search panel.
  • Type a word or term into the Search field.
  • Select a Smart Search suggestion from the drop-down menu (e.g. "Marriage Customs Topic").
  • A search term will be added to the search field. Click the "Go" button to generate results.

Search Categories

Smart Search suggestions are categorized by types of information.

For example, broad search term, "Jesus," will return many categories or types of information related to Jesus. For instance, the people, Jesus, his brothers, or other family, locations where Jesus spoke or performed miracles, and themes like Jesus' divinity, birth or death.

  • You can select the desired category from the list:
  • Depending on the search term, there may be many options to scroll through. As you get more familiar with the categories, you may choose to type the category directly into your search field instead.