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Auto-Generating Reading Plans

How to create a Bible or Monograph Reading Plan in Logos 6

Creating Auto-Generated Reading Plans in Logos 6

Note: This is training is part of a series on Reading Plans.
More in this Series: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

Generating a Bible Reading Plan

Generating a Bible Reading Plan on a specific passage, by specified boundries, in a specified translation for a specified duration, is also very simple and allows for more control over some of the details of the plan.

  • Go to the Documents menu.
  • Select Reading Plan from the left-hand side of the menu (New Documents).
  • Click Generate a Reading Plan.
  • By default, a 1 year plan will be generated from your Preferred Bible, starting today.
    All of these terms can be adjusted.
  • (Optional) Rename the pla, but clicking the title, or the Edit or "pencil" icon, at the top.
Adjusting the Range of Readings
  • Click the All Passages term, to adjust the range of the plan.
  • You may select from a list of common sections, or enter a New reference range at the bottom.
  • (Optional) If you enter a new reference range, also enter a Title and press Save, to add this range to your list and use it again later.
Adjusting the Boundries of Individual Readings
  • Next, choose a boundry option:

Default boundries will break up passages according to the amount of reading reauired. This method attempts to keep every reading at a similar length.

Chapter will try to split readings at the nearest chapter, and may result in some readings taking longer than others.

Pericope will prefer to split reading between each story or section, as indicated by a pericope (pericopes will vary by translation).

(Optional) Choose a Translation or Other Resource

Logos will automatically generate your plan, based on your Preferred Bible setting, but it is possible to change this for a specific plan.

Keep in mind, most Bibles share the same range of verses, but their pericopes may very significantly, according to how the publisher chose to label each section or story. Some translations will not have pericopes at all.

For non-Bibles, refer to the last section in this article.

Adjusting Duration and Frequency

To adjust the frequency of reading, click on every day and choose a frequency option from the list.

Then, set your starting date (default: today) and finishing date (default: in one year), so that Logos knows how long you want to spend on this plan.

Choose Who is Reading

Finally, leave the plan marked by myself, if you'd like to go through this plan on your own, or click to select a Faithlife group to share the plan with.

Generating a Non-Bible Reading Plan

The process for Reading Plans on monographs, dictionaries and other non-Bible resources, is fiarly similar; however, you may need to be familiar with the resource if you wish to change the range of readings. Some books may not have page numbers to descriminate by, so reading the entire book may be the best option.