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Windows OS X 10.8 (or higher)

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Windows 7 (or higher) OS X 10.8 (or higher)


Logos 6.0 (or higher)


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Introducing Media Search

Using the new Media Search in Logos 6.

About Media Search

Media Search replaces the "Image" search type in Logos 5. This new search method still includes images, but also includes videos, diagrams, maps and interactive materials from multiple sources.

  • Open a Search panel.
  • Select the "Media" search type at the top.
  • Enter a search term (e.g. "Jericho") and click "Go".
  • (Optional) Or select a suggested term from the Smart Search menu.

Tip: Results will be organized into several sections, but some sections, like "Online Results" and "Atlas Results" require an active internet connection and appear slowly, or not at all, if the internet connection is interrupted.

Understanding the Results

Logos Media Library
A collection of high resolution online media for use in documents, handouts and presentations. Results will open in the Visual Copy tool for easy export to Proclaim, Microsoft Office, Keynote and other applications (internet connection required).

Online Results
A collection of media from various internet sources (internet connection required).

Atlas Results
Results from the new Logos Atlas of high-definition interactive maps (internet connection required).

Library Results
Results from your library resources, including encyclopedias, bible dictionaries, map books and other resources (Available offline).