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Introducing the Factbook

Using the new Factbook feature in Logos 6.

About Factbook

The Factbook combines and expands on Logos 5's "Bible Facts" tool, providing information, maps, references and media on a given topic in one simple location. That information is dynamically generated, based on the subject matter and will vary between Biblical People, Places, Objects, Events, etc.

Under Construction: We'll cover the basics from a Biblical Person below, and expand into other subjects later, so please check back.

Getting to the Factbook

To browse the Factbook on its own:

  • Go to "Tools" > "Factbook" to begin.
  • Enter a search term (e.g. "David") to generate results.


  1. In a resource, Right-click on a name, object, event, etc.
  2. Select a Factbook entry on the right, in the Context menu.
  3. Then click the Factbook action on the left.

Tip: The Context menu is split in two sections, "Actions" and "Data." Different types of data you can interact with, are listed on the right side. Actions you can perform for each data type will be listed on the left side. Actions may vary drastically between different data types.

Results in the Factbook may vary depending on your unique library, but you'll likely find information about the subject, a speaker button to hear the subject pronounced, associated images and diagrams.

Additional Results


Events related to the subject should appear. Click on any event to view it in more detail.

Click the "Back" arrow to return to your previous subject.


Dictionaries and Encyclopedias that refer to the subject. Click the arrow next to a resource to expand the results from that resource and view a preview of its articles.

Click the article name (in blue) to open the full article.

Referred to As

See different locations in the bible where the subject is referenced by other means.


Original language lemmas which were translated as the subject will appear here as applicable.

Community Tags

Other users may have tagged articles and resources that apply to the subject, and those results will appear in this section.

See Also

View additional search results related to the subject in other resources or elsewhere in the Factbook.