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Introducing Cultural Concepts

Using the new Cultural Concepts feature in Logos 6.

About Cultural Concepts

New to Factbook and Passage Guide, the Cultural Concepts database provides contextual information about a topic.

Cultural Concepts in Factbook

  1. Go to Tools > Factbook.
  2. Enter a Topic (e.g. "Baptism") to find information in the Factbook.
  3. Scroll down, to locate the "Cultural Concepts" section.

Cultural Concepts from a Passage

  1. To begin, enter a passage into the Passage Guide or the Home Page (e.g. Matthew 3:13-17, the Baptism of Jesus).
  2. In the Passage Guide, locate the "Cultural Concepts" section.
  3. (Optional) Click on a concept (e.g. "Baptism") to view more infromation in the Factbook.