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Introducing the Atlas

Using the new Atlas feature in Logos 6.

About the Atlas

The Atlas tool provides access to an online, interactive, map database that is maintained and updated regularly by Faithlife. Atlas also links dynamically with the Logos 6 Factbook, providing insightful links to People and Place information.

Please Note: This feature requires specific datasets, not included in all Logos 6 base packages. If you do not see any maps, an upgrade may be needed. Internet access is required.

The Interface

The Atlas interface is split into two primary areas: on the left, is information about the current location or reference and related maps, and on the right is the interactive map, with "fit" (scale) and "style" settings on the top.

Click to view the legend.


To navigate the Atlas, click on any of the suggested maps on the left, or enter a Place, Person, Event or Map name (if you know the name of the map you're looking for) in the reference box.

When you enter a Place, Event or Person, like "Paul", you'll get a brief description, links to the Factbook, Media Search (images and maps from other resources) and related Atlas maps.

Tip:These results are likely to change over time, as more information is added to the online database, so be sure to check back later.

Atlas Results in Guides

If you're using Logos online, you will also find Atlas results in your Passage Guide searches. Click the maps to explore them in the full Atlas window.

Some passages may not contain Atlas results, if they don't contain a recorded location, or if the internet connection is unavailable.