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Windows Mac OS X

Operating System

Vista (or higher) OS X 10.6.8 (or higher)


Logos 5.0+


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Working in Logos 5 without Internet

Logos can be used without internet, but features like Sync, certain sections of the Passage Guide and blog content from the Home Page will be unavailable until returning to online mode.

Work Offline in Windows

To open Logos in offline mode, hold the CTRL key while opening the application, and press the "Work Offline" button.

Work Offline in Mac

To work offline on a Mac, open the "Applications" folder, select Logos and press Command+O. Keep the Command key held down while Logos opens, until you see the "sign in" window. Press the "Work Offline" button.

These steps are only required to work offline while connected to the internet. If your computer has no internet connection, Logos will fail to sign in on the first try and present the Work Offline option automatically.

Is Logos opening in Offline mode while you have internet access? See Unable to Connect to