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Using Word Find Puzzles

Word Find Puzzles make studying the bible fun and can be valuable for remembering key words from a passage. They can also be exported or printed to share with others. To begin, open the Documents menu and select "Word Find Puzzle".

If you'd like to edit a previous puzzle, select it from the right-side of the Documents menu.

Creating a Puzzle

To Begin..

Enter a bible reference in the "Reference" box. Your "preferred" Bible will be selected by default. Click its title if you'd like to change translations. Be sure to enter a unique name by clicking the edit icon, so you can find it again later.

Adjust size..

You can also adjust the size of your puzzle. Larger puzzles will use more words from your passage. By default, words to find will be displayed at the bottom of the puzzle in a simple list. Select "Passage" instead of "Word List" at the top of the puzzle if you'd like to display the passage instead. Words to find will be in bold within the passage.


Print or export your puzzle by pressing CTR:+P (Mac Users: Command+P), attempt to solve, then view the "Solution" at the top of the panel to check your work.

Solve On-Screen

You don't have to print your puzzle to solve it. Logos will let you solve it on-screen. To solve, find a word, click the first letter of that word and drag your mouse to the last letter. If you found a word, it will be highlighted in the puzzle.

Advanced Options

There are a few advanced options in the Word Find Puzzle's panel menu. Click the Puzzle icon in the top-left corner to view the panel menu. Here, you can toggle allowing diagnonal words or backwards words for greater difficulty.

Allow Diagonal Words will refresh the puzzle with diagonal words.

Allow Backwards Words similarly will put words in your puzzle in reverse order.