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Vista (or higher) OS X 10.6.8 (or higher)


Logos 5.0+


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New Interface Using the Library Intro to Layouts

New Features & Changes in Logos 5

Logos 5 introduces many new features and new datasets, as well as enhancements to existing features from Logos 4. We've outlined most of them in the individual areas below. Note: new features are based on purchasing a Logos 5 base package. Some features may differ between some packages.

New Guides, Tools & Searches

We've added many new, hand-built, expansive databases of information in the Bible and related to it, and built several new tools to access, search and use this data.

Engine Upgrades

Logos 5 is built on a brand new framework (Microsoft .NET / Mono) which provides several enhancements to the underlying engine, including speed improvements and bug fixes. We've also enhanced some of the interface and menus, like the library and layouts to provide more control over the basic interface.