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About this Video

The Timeline feature connects biblical people, places, and things to the events that brought them together.

Using the Timeline

  1. Go to Tools > Timeline to open the window.
  2. At the top of the window, enter the date or date range you want to explore.
  3. Alternatively, you can click on "Fit" to select a pre-determined range based on a specific topic or era.
  4. Click on an Event to learn more about it, and see what resources mention it.

Filtering Results

You can narrow your results by using a filter or "find".

Filter: Subject Only
  • Enter a name or topic in the top-right "Filter" field (Example: Paul).


    • This will strip away all un-related events.
Find: Subject in Context
  • On your keyboard, press CTRL+F (Mac Users: Command+F).
  • Enter a name or topic in the newly revealed "Find" field.
    • This will "find" your subject without removing other events.
    • Click the up and down arrows to skip between entries.

Accessing Events from Resources

With Logos 5, you can access events directly from your resources.

  • Open a resource with Dates (Example: 131 Christians Everyone Should Know).
  • Click the "Visual Filters" menu and choose "Timeline Events".
  • You'll notice small flags appearing next to dates.
  • Empty flags indicate a general date range.
  • Filled flags indicate a specifially recorded Timeline event.
    • Remember, you can click on an event to get more information, like other resources that record it.