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About Text Comparison

The Text Comparison tool is used to quickly compare passages in multiple translations, without having to open each individual Bible.

Logos "tools", like Text Comparison, Copy Bible Verses and the Information panel, always open in the "tool tray". This is a width-restricted portion of the screen on the right side, separated by a hard divider. They can be floated or moved to a standard panel if desired.

Using Text Comparison

In the Tool Tray

You can open Text Comparison by going to Tools > Text Comparison. By default, it opens in a vertical arrangement which each translation visually above the next. You can adjust the default translations and order by prioritizing your Bibles in the Library.

    Comparing the text:
  • Enter any additional translations, or remove unwanted translations in the Resources field.
    Separate translations using a "comma".
    Press the "Go" button when finished.
  • Press the "Show Differences" icon to see the amount of textual variation.
  • Then press the "Show base text" icon to view which individual words differ from the first Bible listed.


    The Image on the left shows basic comparison. The image on the right has the "Show Differences and Show base text" options enabled. These additional options may not appear unless you own a qualifying base package.
Follow Options:

You can set Text Comparison to follow your Bibles or a specific "link set". Click the panel menu icon to display additional options.

  • Choose "Follow" to sync Text Comparison to any active panel with a Bible reference.
  • Choose "A"-"F" to restrict syncing to a specific link set letter.
    All "A"s follow "A"s, but "B"s follow "B"s, etc.
  • Choose "None" to stop following.
    Do not choose "Clear all links" unless you want to stop all resources from following eachother.
You can also use the panel menu to change the formatting, ignore common differences, and print or export the current comparison.
As a Standard Panel

You can click and drag the Text Comparison tab to move it out of the tool tray as a standard panel, or click the Panel Menu to "float" it as its own window.
By default, the Text Comparison tool uses "Automatic layout" setting, which switches between vertical and horizontal layouts, based on the width of the panel.

The functionality is exactly the same in this view, but it may be visually more appealing when using larger passages and it uses a larger panel menu icon.


Compare Text "On the Fly"

It is also possible to view a quick comparison directly from your open Bible. In your Bible window, press the F7 key to show the current verse in your prioritized Bibles, or select multiple verse and press F7 to compare the selected passage.

You may notice this option does not use the same settings in the Text Comparison tool. It just quickly displays the selected passage in multiple versions, starting with Bibles you've prioritized.

Mac Users: Depending on your keyboard settings, you may need to hold the Function (Fn) key when pressing F7 to get this behavior. It is also possible for some keyboard shortcuts to be taken over by other applications, like Function Flip. These applications may require you to change settings or be removed to use this feature in Logos.