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Using Syntax Search

Syntax Search allows searching by word forms and clauses. Access the Syntax Search Option from the Search Panel by selecting the "Syntax" option at the top of the panel.

  • Click on the Search icon.
  • Select "Syntax".
  • (Optional) Select your search range by clicking "All Passages".
  • Choose your Syntax Database or "Graph".

For our example, we'll be using the "Cascadia Syntax Graphs of the New Testament: SBL Editon" which is available in any Logos 5 Base Package, "Bronze" level or higher.

Different Syntax Databases may provide different results, most noticeably, Andersen-Forbes Hebrew Bible database will provide Hebrew syntax results, instead of Greek.

Beginning a Search

To begin, click on "Query" and select a template. For our example, we'll be using "Subject (Cascadia)".

  • Enter the desired subject (e.g. βασιλεία or "g:basileia")
  • Select it from the list.
  • Click "Go" to generate results.
To type in Greek or Hebrew directly, you may need to install additional language keyboards for your Operating System. Click here to download the Logos keyboards for Windows.
Keyboards for Mac and Windows are also available from Tyndale House.

View Results in English

Syntax Search is designed to work in Greek or Hebrew, but it's possible to view results also in English. With results generated in Greek or Hebrew, click on "+ Add Versions" and type in the desired Bible.

View results in multiple versions by separating them with a comma (e.g. ESV, KJV, NASB95, etc). Any English Bible used, must contain a Reverse Interlinear.

(Optional) Save Results

It is possible to save a Syntax Search as either a Passage or Word List.

Click on the panel menu (top-left corner) and select "Passage List" to save all results by passage.

Choose "Word List" to save all of the resulting words with their definitions.