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Note: You must own a Study Bible to use this feature.

In print, Study Bibles tend to consist of one Bible translation with extensive notes added on the same page. In Logos, we have split the notes out from the Bible text, allowing you to use any Study Bible with any Bible translation. Here's how it works:

Setup your Study Bible

  • Open any Bible you own from the library.
    (This can be the same translation that the print edition used, or any translation you prefer.)
  • Click the Panel Menu (book cover) in the top-left corner of your Bible.
  • Select a "Link Set" (Example: Link Set "A")
  • Open any Study Bible from the library.
  • Click the Panel Menu (book cover) in the top-left corner of your Study Bible.
  • Select the same "Link Set" (Example: Link Set "A")

The Study Bible you've selected will now "follow" your translation to any passage. You have the freedom to resize either panel as needed, depending on how much text you want on-screen at a time. You can also link additional Bible translations, additional Study Notes, and full Commentaries to this Link Set and they will all follow each other as you scroll or navigate through the Bible.

"Study Bibles" & "Study Bible Notes"

As you browse for Study Bibles on, you will often encounter two options: "Study Bible" and "Study Bible Notes". The Study Bible will include the Bible translation used with the Print edition. If you already own this translation, choose the "Notes" version without an included Bible translation.