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About this Video

The new Sermon Starter Guide helps you plan and create sermons instantly, based on a topic or verse.

Using the Sermon Starter Guide

  • Go to Guides > Sermon Starter Guide to begin.
  • At the top of the window, enter a verse or key word you're interested in; Faith, for example.
  • Hit Enter to view results from your library.

Be sure to expand the first section and enter a Title and Description, if you'd like to revisit this Guide later.

The Sermon Starter Guide is broken up into several sections.


The Theme section shows a definition of the topic and links to similar topics. Click the "Notes" tab, if you'd like to add your own thoughts on the Theme.


The Passages section displays bible references which are most relevant or important to the topic. The Pericopes sub-section provides relevant bible stories.

Preaching Resources

These resources are picked from your library because they discuss the specific topic you've searched. Click the small triangle to expand each resource and browse the related articles.

Thematic Outlines

The Thematic Outlines section instantly creates a list of example outlines, based on your search.

  • Click the small triangle to expand the outline.
  • To edit the outline, copy it to a text editor using the options beside the title.
  • You can also copy directly to Proclaim & Power Point, or a Passage List.

Mac Users: Due to differences in Microsoft's Office Suite for Mac, some options may vary. If you have trouble, try exporting to TextEdit and copy that to the desired Office product.

The Collections section allows you to narrow your results by selectic specific collections from your Library.

  • Hover over the Collections section header.
  • Click on Settings.
  • Select the collection you wish to search.
  • Consider customizing this guide to add multiple collections by clicking "Add" at the top of the guide.

Media Resources

This is where you'll find images from your library, related to your topic.