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Finding Sermons in Logos

We can use Logos to easily search hundreds of sermons and sermon archives, by passage or topic, using the Passage Guide and Sermon Starter Guide. This is a great way to find background information, illustrations and related passages or topics that others have preached on.

Looking for more sermons? Add more sermon archives to your library.
A Logos Base Package is also recommended.

Access Sermons by Passage

To begin:

  1. Open Guides > Passage Guide.
  2. Enter a Passage in the Reference Box
    e.g. James 1
  3. Scroll down to the "Sermons" section.
    You may need to click the triangle to expand it.
  4. Click on any blue sermon title to open the associated sermon entry.

Each sermon title will display the passage it covers and some may include the date when they were preached.

Note: The list of available sermons will vary by passage and according to what sermons are included in your Logos library.
These results are also available in the Sermon Starter Guide, when searching for a passage.