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Creating a Reading Plan
Editing a Reading Plan

Did you know you can use Logos to manage and track your Bible reading? You can use the Reading Plan feature to generate a custom plan on just about any book in your library and even export it to a calendar. We'll discuss some of the basics below.

Basic Setup

You'll find Reading Plans in the Documents menu. Click the Reading Plan icon on the left to start a new plan. (If you'd like to edit an existing plan, just select it on the right side of the menu.)

Logos is going to generate a basic Bible Reading Plan for us by default, but we can edit this plan to read whatever we want, on whatever terms we want. For this example, we'll set up a plan to read Genesis in 2 months.

Don't need a custom plan? You can skip these steps and generate a basic "in a year" plan immediately by leaving it as-is or select from the predefined plans at the bottom of the window, then click "Generate".
Giving your plan a Title:
  • Click the pencil next to the title to change it (Example: "Read ESV in one year")
  • Enter a new title for your plan, for example: "Reading through Genesis".
Selecting a Bible (or other book):

You can use almost any book in a reading plan, as long as it is versified, or has pages, but this works best with Bibles. Click on the blue text, "English Standard Version" to select a different Bible or Book.

Picking your Range:

The "range" controls how much you'll be reading in total. The default is "All Passages" (everything in the selected Bible), but you can set it to whatever you like by clicking on the blue text.

A predefined list will appear. Select the desired range from the list, or enter a new range at the bottom.

You can save this range for later by entering a Title and clicking "Save"

After entering your range, "Genesis" for example, and hit Enter. Your plan will update automatically. You can close the range menu by clicking outside of it.

Setting the Schedule:

We'll need to set up a schedule to read on. Which days of the week would you like to read on? The default is "every day", but you can change this by clicking the blue text.

We also need to select a starting date and finishing date, so we know when to begin and finish the plan. Click on the blue default, "today" to change the start date or "in one year" to change the finish date.

For example, let's set ours to start "today" and finish in two months by clicking "in one year", then clicking the date at the bottom and selecting a date two months from now.

Want to share your plan?

We'll want to choose who will be reading through this plan. By default, Logos will generate a private reading plan. If you like, you can share your plan with your groups by clicking on the blue text, "by myself" and selecting your desired group (a free account is required for all members who wish to follow your plan).

Finalizing your plan:

Now that we've set up our plan, let's click "Generate". Logos will do the math and split up the text according to the terms we selected.

You can adjust your view of the plan by clicking on "Overview", "Calendar" or "List" in the top-right corner of the plan.

You can also export your plan, by clicking the "Export to Outlook" (Windows) or "Export to iCal" (Mac) button. You'll need to set a time, and reminder schedule.

Mac users: you may need to choose a Calendar to export to. This list is generated directly from iCal. If you'd like to create a new calendar, you'll need to do this in iCal before exporting.

Begin Reading

There are several ways to access your Reading Plan:

  • On the Logos 5 Home Page, you'll find your plan on the side-bar to the left, with quick links to the text. You can click "Edit" here, to open the full plan window.
  • You can also access your plan from the Documents menu, on the right side.
  • You'll find controls for reading in your selected Bible as well (be sure to turn on the appropriate "Visual Filter).

Delete a Reading Plan

Finished with your plan and want to delete it? Deleting plans is done in the "Documents" menu.

  • Click on the "Documents" menu.
  • Locate your plan on the right-side menu, under "Open"
  • Right-click the plan and choose "Delete"