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Accessing the Print/Export Menu

You can print or export almost anything in Logos. In fact, there is a special tool for it.

  • To begin, open any resource, guide, search or document.
  • Click on the Panel Menu button ("book cover" or symbol in the top-left corner).
  • Choose Print/Export.
    Or, just hit CTRL+P on your keyboard (Mac: Command+P).

The Print Export Menu should open in its own window. It's broken up into 4 major areas (Left to Right): Range & Style, Preview, Printer Selection and Export Selection.

Range & Style


The Margins option will allow you to configure how much space is left between the text and the edge of the paper or page.


Setting Columns to "Auto" will allow Logos to arrange your text into columns depending on the amount of text selected. Use "Single" to avoid columns.

Select the Range

Choose "Use selected text" if you've already selected your range before opening the Print/Export menu.

Enter your range or chapter manually.

Or select your range from the expandable list.

In a Bible, this is done by Book and Chapter. If you're using a book without a Biblical index, use page numbers or the table of contents. Remember, you can always select your desired text before printing to get the "Use selected text" option.

Some documents may present special options. For example: when printing a Bibliography or a Clippings bibliography, you can adjust your Citation Style in this section by selecting "Bibliography only". This will also provide extra bibliography export options.


The center area of the Print/Export menu contains a preview of your text. The exact controls for viewing the preview differ between Windows and Mac:

Print Preview for Windows

Adjust the preview size by pressing "Actual Size" or "Fit" (default). The "Fit" option will display the entire first page in as much space is available without overlap. You can adjust zoom further by holding the CTRL key and spinning your mouse-wheel or pressing the + and - keys..

Print Preview for Mac

On Mac, Logos will default to "Actual Size". You can adjust zoom further by holding the Command key and pressing the + and - keys.

Printer Selection


If you're printing your text, Logos will select your system's default printer automatically. Select a different printer by clicking the printer name and choosing from the drop-down list.

To adjust your printer's settings, click on the "Properties..." link. These settings will vary, depending on your printer's software.


Select your paper type and orientation, also determined by your printer's software. Most common will be "Letter (8.5 x 11 in)" and "Portrait (Tall)".

Press the "Print" button to send your document to the selected printer.

Sometimes Logos formatting can be more complex than a standard document. To ensure the best compatibility, it is recommended to check your printer manufacturer's website for any available driver or software updates before printing. Even a new printer may have been on the shelf a while and updates are often available.

Export Selection

You can also export your text into several formats for use with other applications or to make changes before printing.

Copy to Clipboard

Choose copy to clipboard to save text in the clipboard and paste into other document editors. Final formatting is based on compatibility of destination editor and document so results may vary.

Save as File
  • Rich Text Format
    This is ideal for most editors and supports most common formatting styles.
  • Text Document
    Choose this for plain text with no formatting.
  • Web Page (HTML)
    This will save your text as a basic HTML document for use in a web browser.
  • XPS Document (Windows Only)
    This format supports full formatting, similar to a PDF. It is natively supported by Windows but less accessible outside of Windows.
  • PDF Document (Mac Only)
    Supports full formatting and can be shared with most computers and devices.
Send to New Document

This option will send the text directly to Microsoft Word as a new document. If Word is not open, Logos will open Word automatically.

Paste into Open Document

This option will paste your selection into your open Word document, at the last cursor position. To use this, you must already have Microsoft Word open to a document. If multiple documents are open, Logos will try to pick the last document edited.