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Overview of Prayer Lists

Use the Prayer Lists feature to organize and track your prayers, schedule when you plan to pray, what or whom to pray about, and whether a prayer has been answered yet.

Create a Prayer List Document

In Logos, individual prayers are stored in a "Prayer List" document. You can create a new prayer list, or open a previous list from the Documents menu.

  • Click on the Documents menu.
  • Select "Prayer List" from the "New" documents menu.

Be sure to enter a name for your prayer list so you can find it again later.

Previously created lists will be stored on the right side of the Documents menu, under "Open".

New prayers

Click on the "Prayer name" to edit the prayer.

Fill in the "Notes" section with any relevant information about this specific prayer. You can leave the "Answer" field empty if you do not have an answer yet.

Optional: Click on "add tag" to tag your prayer with a theme, person's name or any other identifiers you wish to use.


To adjust the scheduling of a prayer, click on "every" to change frequency amount, and "day" to adjust frequency type (e.g. Day, Week, Month) and date range.

Changing frequencies may provide additional options as applicable. For example, changing "day" to "week" allows you to refine that week to individual days.


Prayers are tracked by checking the box next to the title. Click on the prayer title to view its notes, pray, then check the box next to the prayer name to mark your prayer as complete. It will automatically update to the next date it is scheduled for.

Unscheduled Prayers

To stop praying for something, without a definite answer, click on the prayer name and uncheck the box beside "Pray for this item" to remove it from the schedule.

Finished prayers will appear in the "Unscheduled" section with a green or grayed check box. It is always possible to begin tracking a prayer again by removing its answer and/or checking the "Pray for this item" box again.

Answered Prayers

If a prayer has been answered, fill in its "Answer" field. It will then move to the "Answered" section of the list.