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Using Power Lookup

The Power Lookup tool finds references and related passages in the current article or Bible reference and displays them in one place. This is a great way to quickly browse all of the footnotes in a given scripture or article.

By default, the Power Lookup tool will "follow" whichever resource panel is currently active. If you're currently using a Bible, that Bible's footnotes and cross references will be displayed. If you work with a commentary or dictionary open, you can view all of the references in your other resources by simply clicking on that resource's panel.

Clicking on the individual entries in Power Lookup will flash an indicator in the source panel to see which reference you are reading. You can copy the selected reference by clicking the "Copy" option at the top of the panel and using "Paste" in a note or text editor.

Advanced Options

Want to make Power Lookup follow only one specific resource? Click the desired resource's Panel Menu (or book cover), then select a "Link set" letter. Click the Power Lookup's Panel Menu and select the same "Link set" letter. It will now follow only that resource.

You can also change the view or arrangement of Power Lookup by floating or dragging the Power Lookup tool outside of the tool tray. Click and drag the Power Lookup tab to the main working area of your layout to accomplish this. You can drop it in an empty area, on top of another panel, or on the edge of a panel to split that area into two panels. Right-click the tab to vloat it in its own window.