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About this Video:

A Passage Guide is the fastest and most exhaustive way to find where a passage is talked about in your Library. It provides fast access to many resources, like commentaries, photos, maps and music, as well as online sermon and presentation databases. In Logos 5, we've added even more functionality by linking to the new Bible Facts datasets with Events and Timelines, Themes for Outlines and the new Topics database.

For more about Guides, click here.

Using the Passage Guide

This guide pulls information directly from your unique Library. Your individual results may vary, based on what package you own.
Getting Started:

The Passage Guide is part of Logos' default study layout, accessed by entering a passage on the Home Page and clicking "Go". Using this method automatically provides access the Passage Guide, Exegetical Guide, your top 5 Bibles, 1st relevant commentary, Information panel and Text Comparison tool.

    You can also use Passage Guide all by itself:
  • Go to Guides > Passage Guide to begin.
  • At the top of the Passage Guide window, enter a verse or passage you're interested in. (Example below)
  • Hit Enter to view results from your library.
Be sure to expand the first section and enter a Title and Description, if you'd like to revisit this Guide later:

Primary Sections:

The Passage Guide is broken up into several sections which can be edited to create new guides, but we'll focus on the default sections for the purpose of this tutorial.


The Commentaries section shows commentaries from your Library that mention the passage you searched. Click "more >>" to show additional commentaries. You can control the order in which they are displayed by prioritizing them.

You can limit this section to a specific collection by clicking the hidden "Settings" on the header. It will appear when you mouse over it. This is also where you can delete unwanted sections.

Bible Facts | People, Places, Things and Events

The Biblical People, Places and Things sections provide quick access to the Bible Facts database, including relationship diagrams if relevant, maps, and artifact or object descriptions. You'll also find related Events from the Timeline tool, here.

Additional Sections

That's not all Passage Guide has to offer. It's full of additional information based on what other resources you own.

  • My Content includes content you may have created and tagged to the passage, like notes and previous Guides.
  • Cross References will find other passages that relate to your passage.
  • Parallel Passages shows other passages where the same event is recorded, if you own any Parallel Passages or Harmony resources.
  • Literary Typing displays the type of literature (the "genre") of your passage, such as history, poetry, etc.
  • Outlines shows resources with outlines of the passage.
  • Media Resources is where you'll find images from your library, related to your passage.
  • Music shows hymns related to your passage from any hymnals you own.
  • Topics has a list of topics discussed in the passage.
  • Illustrations will display related illustrative stories or analogies from your library.
  • Interesting Words shows words in the passage that might be more or less important. The more important a word seems, the larger it appears.
  • Compare Versions will show a graph that represents the textual differences between translations, based on word-for-word comparison.

Internet Resources

If you're online, the Passage Guide will automatically search several internet resources, like Sermon Central or Graceway Media, for sermon archives and presentation slides. A subscription may be required to use some of these services.