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Using the Passage Analysis Tool

Use the Passage analysis tool to compare multiple Bible translations and analyze the text in different ways. This is useful to see where translators have differed and by how much, or how words relate to each other.

  • Access Passage Analysis from the Tools menu.
  • Enter a passage to compare.
  • Choose an analysis type from the bottom of the panel:

For a detailed tutorial on each analysis type, click "Watch the Video" after each description below.

Compare Pericopes

A "Pericope" is the title given to a specific passage or story. They are not part of the original manuscripts, but added by the publisher to make individual stories easier to find or read, usually describing the story or its theme.

The Compare Pericopes graph will show the difference between Pericopes in your selected Pericope Sets. Add, remove or change sets by clicking the "Pericope Sets" drop-menu.

Watch the Video

Word Tree

The Word Tree graph shows relationships between words. Click on any word in the tree to re-focus the graph on that word or use the controls above to select direction, translation and sort method.

Showing "wise" in the ESV, by occurrence.

Watch the Video

Morph River

Use the Morph River graph to compare morphology information about a passage. Select a part of speech from the first control menu ("verb" shown). Display all attributes, or any combination, by clicking the attribute drop-menu and checking the desired attribute boxes (all shown).

It is possible to change translations as well. Select the desired translation in the control menu on the far right ("BHS/WIVU" shown).

Showing verbs with all attributes in BHS/WIVU.

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Cluster Graph

The Cluster Graph shows a graphical representation of the textual difference (surface text) between translations. Nodes further apart are more different than nodes closer together.

To use this graph, select a collection to compare and a display type: 2D or 3D.

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Version River

Similar to the Cluster Graph, the Version River displays the textual differences between translations, but provides a little more detail. The differences are graphed by verse and can be opened in Text Comparison by clicking in the graph.

It is also possible to open any of the compared translations to the passage being compared by clicking the resource title below the graph.

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