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Using the Library About Indexing

Introducing Mobile Resource Management

Logos Bible Software 5 is designed to integrate with the Logos Bible App, for iPhone, iPad and Android devices, in many ways. Syncing your notes, reading plans and now you can use Logos 5 to manage your downloaded, or "offline" resources in the mobile apps.

To use this and other sync features, you must sign into Logos 5 and the mobile apps using the same account. It is also recommended to read this article for iPhone and iPad or the same article for Android before proceeding.
  • From Logos, open the Library.
  • Select the resource you wish to manage.
  • Click the Info button.
  • Locate the device you'd like to download to, and check its box.
Clicking on the title of a resource will open the resource. If you're having trouble selecting a resource, try clicking on the cover image or an empty space on that resource's row.

If you use multiple devices, each device will be listed by name. To remove a book from one of your devices, follow the same instructions and uncheck the box for that device.

It's also possible to manage multiple resources at once, by holding the "Shift" or "Control" key when selecting your resources. To learn more about navigating the Library, click here.