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About this Video

The new Memorization Tool allows you to turn any Passage List into a Study Guide.

Using the Memorize Tool

  • Go to Documents > Passage List.
  • At the top of the window, enter the translation you wish to memorize.
  • Next, fill in the list by entering References in the "Reference" field.
  • Hit Enter to add your reference.
    • You can also import references from existing lists and various other sources by clicking the "Add" option at the top of the panel.
    • Or, click "Merge" to combine this list with another.
  • Click "Memorize" to begin.


Memorization Options

The Memorize tool is split into two styles: Practice or Quiz.

  • Practice will let you try each verse 6 times, with a summary after each verse.
  • Quiz will let you try each verse 1 time, with a score at the end.

Select your preference, choose the "hide style" and order, then click the button at the bottom to begin.

Type the verse out on your keyboard. You can press "Tab" to skip a word. You will not be penalized for skipping the provided words.

When you're done, you you will be provided with a summary of your performance. Repeat your practice or quize to see how you're improving.