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Continuing with our Introduction to the Library Part 1 and Part 2, let's discuss the Library Information panel.

View & Edit Resource Information

Sometimes it's helpful to know more about a resource before opening it. This is done by opening the "information" panel. Click the Resource Information button to toggle the panel open or closed.

To select a resource without opening it, just click its row (avoid clicking the title, as this will open the resource). A selected resource's information will be displayed in the side bar, including Author, Publisher, Ratings, Tags, Publication Date, etc.

Click any blue text or the pencil icon to add or edit information.

The Bible Knowledge Commentary is often abbreviated "BKC," but doesn't use that short title in Logos by default. Select The Bible Knowledge Commentary and click "Short title" to add the "BKC" abbreviation.

Personal & Community Ratings

When viewing the Library, notice the ratings column is pre-filled with blue stars. These "Community Ratings" are based on their most common rating by other users.

Of course, we can add our own ratings by clicking the desired star. Personal Ratings will show up as yellow stars and override Community Ratings in the Library. Personal ratings will also be anonymously added to our Community Ratings that all users see.

View & Add Tags

We use "tags" as one way to search the library. Common tags are automatically added by the Logos community and could refer to the type of resource, its theological background, topics or themes. We can add our own tags by clicking "Add tag" and entering a one-word tag of our choosing.

The Bible Knowledge Commentary covers the entire Bible, Genesis-Revelation. Let's add "FullBible" as a tag, so we can find it by typing "myTag:FullBible" in the Library. Any other commentaries that cover the entire bible can be similarly tagged to make this more useful.

Mobile Resource Management

If you use the Logos mobile apps, your mobile devices will also be listed in this panel. By checking a device, the current resource will be queued to download to that device the next time the mobile app is opened on that device.

Unchecking a device will in turn, uninstall the resource when the app is accessed on that device. Multiple devices and apps can be managed in this way.


The resource information panel also displays a list of any Custom Collections an individual resource is a part of. Click the collection to open it automatically in the Collections menu.

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