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We discussed accessing the Library, changing views and using the Find feature in The Library Part 1. Now, let's look at Prioritizing our Resources.

Prioritize Bibles & Resources

We can use Logos to search through thousands of Bibles, Commentaries, Dictionaries and other reference works. Scrolling through them all might feel a little overwhelming, so let's prioritize a few of our favorites. This will cause them to show up first in search results, allowing us to read our favorites first before branching out into other resources.

Open the Prioritized Resources list by clicking "Prioritize" on the Library panel.

Adding resources to this list is done in 2 basic ways, by Right-Click or "Drag and Drop".

Right-Click to Prioritize

Perhaps the easiest method, right-click a preferred resource and choose "Prioritize this resource" from the context menu. This resource will be automatically added to the Prioritized Resources list.

Right-clicking also accesses the "Prioritize this Series" option. Resources that are part of a larger series, like Word Biblical Commentary and The New American Commentary can be prioritized as a whole, instead of promoting each volume individually. A "Series" will appear bold in the Prioritized Resources list.

Tip: It is possible to add a resource to a custom series with the "Set Series" option. A "Series" is a set of resources that append to each other, like multiple volumes in a commentary. A custom series might link several completely different commentaries or dictionaries so that entering a passage not covered in the current resource will automatically open the next in its series.

Drag and Drop

You can also "drag and drop" resources directly to your priority list, as well as move them within the list. For easier organization, we recommend putting your favorite Bible first, then other Bibles, commentaries, dictionaries, encyclopedias and so on.

Tip: A combination of both methods will be helpful. The Right-click method will add resources quickly, but the drag and drop method allows fine-tuning of the list for better results.

When you're done prioritizing, click "Browse" to hide the list and avoid accidently modifying it.

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