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Opening the Library

To browse and open books in Logos, we're going to open the Library. Locate the Library button at the top of the application and click it to view its contents.

We can also open the Library in its own window by pressing CTRL+L (Mac: Command+L).

Changing your View

Once the Library is open, we can view its contents in two distinct ways:

Icon View

Icon View uses larger cover images and displays more information about each book in a single column. This includes Author, Ratings, Personal Tags and Community Tags. To add your own ratings or tags, select a resource by clicking the white space near the title and click the Resource Information button.

List View

List View uses a smaller cover image and splits all information about the book into separate columns which you can interact with. Add or Remove a column by right-clicking any visible column header.

After selecting columns, we can re-organize them by clicking and dragging left or right. We can also sort the list by any column. Click on a column header (e.g. "Title") to sort by that column. In some cases, this may change the view dramatically. Try sorting by "Subject" for example.

Using "Find" to Search for Resources

If we have a lot of books, scrolling through them can become a hassle. We can get around this by typing in the "Find" field.

Logos will show everything it finds a match for, whether it matches the Title, Author, Subject, or even the description of the resource. For instance, “comfort” might show Wiersbe’s “Be Comforted”, books by Author, Ray Comfort, and resources about counseling.

Narrow these results further by searching with a filter. Refer back to the Columns in List View as a guide to filtering options. Almost any column type can be searched. Here are a few examples:

  • title:Holman
  • author:Calvin
  • type:Encyclopedia
  • subject:Theology

Using Collections to Filter your Resources

The blue text at the top of the Library window shows the currently displayed Collection. A Collection is a group of resources within the library. Resources are grouped automatically by their series, but we can define our own groups in the Collections panel.

Click the text to choose which Collection, Rating group, Tag group, etc to display.

Tip: This setting is remembered by the application. When we are done filtering, be sure to set it back to "Entire Library" to see all available resources. This does not control searches, it only filters the list of resources in the Library window.

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