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Vista (or higher) OS X 10.6.8 (or higher)


Logos 5.0+


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About this Video

Logos 5 features a redesigned, more intuitive interface. Mac users will notice their menu has moved to the main window, instead of the Mac Menu bar. This allows for much greater functionality and ease of use. Below, we've outlined a few other key changes.

The Home Page

We've move the "ribbon" to the side, which allows greater variation in content. You can customize it by clicking the gear at the bottom.

This is also your portal to, where you can edit your profile, shipping and billing info, manage pre-pubs, and review your previous orders.

New Menus


This is where you'll find all your documents, like notes, word lists, etc. Choose a document type on the left if you'd like to create a new document, or browse your existing documents on the right.

Want to get rid of an old document? Right-click the name of the document and choose "Delete". You can undelete a document if needed.

You can also sort and filter them by Name, Date & Type. Click the column header you wish to list by, then hold SHIFT and click another header to filter those results.

Lastly, Logos 5 allows you to share documents with your groups.


We've reorganized the Guides menu, and added some new guides to enhance your studies in Logos 5. Similar to the Documents menu, you can start new guides on the left, or access and manage old guides on the right.


You'll find some new tools in the Tools menu. We've also reorganized the previous tool set to improve ease of use. Feel free to click around and explore.

Looking for Biblical People, Places & Things? Click on "Bible Facts" to access all of these features in one easy place. We've also added some additional data, including Biblical Events.