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Logos 5.1+


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Using the Library Creating Dynamic Collections About Indexing

Depending on your library, you may have thousands of images in Logos, which you can utilize for study or presentation. In the Logos 5.1 update, we've made accessing these images much easier by creating a unique search type, just for images.

How to begin

Click on the Search Icon to open the Search panel and begin your search. At the top-right side of the panel, you'll find several search types (these may vary, depending on your base package): Basic, Bible, Image, Clause, Morph and Syntax.

Each option will give you different results and sometimes provide different options to search by. Select the "Image" search type to begin. (We're going to focus on the "Image" option in this tutorial, but you can find information about the other search type here.)

Image Search

An Image Search will search your Entire Library for images. Type in a key word and click the arrow or hit the Enter key.

Hover over an image to view a brief description. Filter results to specific types of images by changing the "All Images" setting. The results can also be limited to specific collections by clicking the "Entire Library" setting.

Presentation and Export

To use an image in a presentation, or export it to another application (like Proclaim, PowerPoint, Keynote or Word), right-click the desired image thumbnail and choose the appropriate option.