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Topic Study
Lectionary Study

The Logos Home Page is a great place to start your study in Logos. It provides quick access to many tools and resources, like reading plans, lectionaries, devotionals and excerpts from your library. It also provides information about what's happening at Logos, free training tips and special deals or sales on new resources. However, that's not all it's good for. You can use it to start some powerful studies.

Enter a Passage and Click "Go"

Logos makes it easy to begin studying by opening powerful guides and your "go to" resources directly from the home page. Just enter a passage and click "Go" to begin.

After entering your passage, click the "Go" button or choose a passage range from the pericope list. If you're unfamiliar, a "pericope" is the story title (example: "Jesus feeds the Five Thousand" in Matthew 14:13-21) that most Bibles use to separate stories and events for easier study.

What you get:

Once a passage search is executed, a special layout will be opened. This layout contains the following panels:

  • The Passage Guide with all your relevant commentaries and resources to provide context.
  • The Exegetical Guide which breaks down your passage for studying with lexicons at the word level.
  • Your "Top 5 Bibles" (controlled by prioritizing in the Library), linked for simultaneous scrolling.
  • Your top passage-related commentary linked to your Bibles.
  • Text Comparison.
  • Information.

Enter a Topic and Click "Go"

Using the same technique, it is also possible to start a topical study. Just enter a topic in the same box on the home page and click "Go" to begin.

After entering your topic, click the "Go" button or choose a similar topic from the topic list.

What you get:

Once a topic search is executed, a special layout will be opened. This layout contains the following panels:

  • The Topic Guide with definitions, related passages, and illustrations related to your topic.
  • The Sermon Starter Guide which provides thematic outlines, related passages, preaching resources and many other helpful tools for preparing sermons.
  • Your preferred Bible.
  • Your top 5 Bible dictionaries (also controlled by resource priority).

For more about Guides, click here.

Lectionary Study

It is also possible to open a similar type of layout for studying from a lectionary. On the home page ribbon, there is a lectionary section. Clicking on the lectionary header will open a special lectionary study layout.

If you do not see a lectionary on your home page, click the "Customize" button to toggle it. To choose which lectionary is displayed, prioritize one in the Library.

Note: a lectionary is required for this feature. If you do not own a lectionary, click here to get one.
What you get:

Once a lectionary search is executed, a special layout will be opened. This layout contains the following panels:

  • Your preferred Lectionary.
  • Your "Top 5 Bibles".
  • Your top commentary.
  • Your top devotional.
  • The Cited By Tool.
  • The "Explorer" tool, which is similar to the Passage Guide, but much more compact.