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Using the Passage Guide Exegetical Guide Bible Word Study Using the Sermon Starter Guide Using the Topic Guide

Logos Bible Software is all about Bible Study. Now with version 5, we provide additional Study Guides to help you search your library and provide you with a deeper understanding of the text. Each Guide provides different information, so knowing which one to choose can really help improve your study. In this tutorial, we'll try to provide a basic overview of each Guide, to make that choice easier.

Some of this information is already covered in our individual Guide tutorials. For a list of those articles, see the "Related Articles" section to the right.

What's the difference between a Guide and a Search?

You can search your Library in many ways, but searching is generally geared toward one type of information or another. This gives you precise information about a specific question, but may not provide a lot of the surrounding context.

A Guide will quickly search many different types of information and provide a broad range of related results in an organized fashion -- like a report. Think of Guides like a digital research assistant that looks up your Passage, Word or Topic and provides context from all over your Library.


Which Guide for which situation?

Now that we have an idea of what a Guide is, let's talk about each guide and what you might use it for. Since most Bible Study starts with the Bible, you've probably got a passage in mind that you'd like to study. The first two guides focus on Bible Study by Passage.

Passage Guide

The Passage Guide is the most commonly used Guide for studying a passage. It will give you the "big picture" by providing extra context from commentaries, cross-references, parallel passages, etc. You'll also find related Media and Illustrations to share with your class, study group or congregation.

Exegetical Guide

Sometimes it's helpful to dig deeper into specific words in a passage. The Exegetical Guide is where you can quickly dig into the original Greek and Hebrew text. It will break your passage apart, word by word, and provide you with definitions, and direct links to your lexicons and dictionaries for more information.

    Key Sections:
  • Apparatuses
  • Grammars
  • Visualizations
  • Word By Word

You don't need to know Greek and Hebrew to use this Guide. Logos is able to use your Reverse Interlinear Bibles to help you access Greek and Hebrew directly from your English text.

This is also a great place to start a Bible Word Study by clicking the original language word in the Word by Word section.

Guides can also help you research Words and Topics or help you prepare a Sermon. We'll discuss these Guides below.

Bible Word Study Guide

You can use the Bible Word Study Guide to access your Dictionaries and Lexicons quickly and easily. This is a dynamic report that changes significantly based on the word used, and quickly gives you the specific results that are most relevant.

If you're searching an English word, you'll get English definitions from your library. Click the Hebrew or Greek word in the wheels to view a full concordance, based on which root form you're interested in.

    Key Sections for English Words:
  • Definition
  • Hebrew Words
  • Greek Words
  • Phrases
  • Textual Searches

You can also use this Guide to search Greek and Hebrew words. You'll get definitions from your Lexicons and a wheel showing which English words it was translated as, how often, and where.

    Key Sections for Hebrew and Greek:
  • Lemma
  • Translation

Sermon Starter Guide

You can use the powerful new Sermon Starter Guide to build your Sermon Outlines in Logos. This is a great way to start writing your Sermon or Bible Study directly from your Logos library.

This Guide is dynamically generated based on a given Topic or Passage and provides different information accordingly. A Guide built on a passage combines a lot of extra features from the Passage Guide with Outlines and Easy Export features shared in a By-Topic Sermon Starter Guide.

    Key Sections for Topics:
  • Theme
  • Passages
  • Preaching Resources
  • Thematic Outlines
  • Collections
  • Media Resources

Topic Guide

You can use the new Topic Guide to research a topic and get extra context from related topics, scriptures and dictionaries. This is similar to the Sermon Starter Guide, but strips out some of the extra sections specifically geared for exporting sermon outlines.

This Guide uses a special, hand-curated database of Topics and will continue to grow as updates are released. If the topic you search is not already in this database, related search results from your library will be displayed. A Logos 5 Base Package is required to use this feature.

    Key Sections:
  • Definition
  • Related Verses
  • Related Topics
  • Illustrations
  • Media Resources
  • Bible Facts (People, Places, Things)
  • Biblical Events