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Logos 5.0+


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1:19 Interface Overview

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A Note from the Presenter:

Welcome to a quick overview of the Logos 5 program. Think of Logos 5 as a library building, filled with research assistants ready to help you get the most out of the books you have purchased. I will quickly show you around the program and make sure you know how to find help for features you will see.

Before getting started:

First, if possible, have the Logos 5 program open, so you can pause this video and click around in the program.

Second, have something handy to write on, so when you see a feature that intrigues you, you can pause this video, write down the name of the feature and find more training on it later. In addition to the internal help manual (press F1 in the program), we have more training on the website for every feature I will show you. Many of these features are also outlined to the right of this video. Click here to see more.

Trust me. Spending a few minutes now, learning to use Logos, will save you hours of time and frustration later.

Suggested Follow up Training: