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About this Video:

An Exegetical Guide provides an in-depth, word by word study of a passage. It has picked up a few new sections in Logos 5.
For more about Guides, click here.

Using the Exegetical Guide

This guide pulls information directly from your unique Library. Your individual results may vary, based on what resources you own. A Logos 5 Library is recommended.
Getting Started:

The Exegetical Guide is part of Logos' default study layout, accessed by entering a passage on the Home Page and clicking "Go". Look for it tabbed behind the Passage Guide. This is the easiest way to access the Passage Guide, Exegetical Guide, your top 5 Bibles, 1st relevant commentary, Information panel and Text Comparison tool.

    You can also use Exegetical Guide all by itself:
  • Go to Guides > Exegetical Guide to begin.
  • At the top of the Exegetical Guide panel, enter a verse or passage you're interested in; John 1:1, for example.
  • Hit Enter to view results from your library.
      Be sure to expand the first section and enter a Title and Description, if you'd like to revisit this Guide later:

Understanding the supplemental sections

The Exegetical Guide is divided into several sections which can be edited to create new Guides, but we'll focus on the default sections for the purpose of this tutorial.


This section shows Apparatuses from your Library, if you own a collection with Apparatuses. You can control the priority or display order by prioritizing them in the Library.


If you own Biblical Grammars related to the passage, they will be displayed here. You may get more results than can be initially displayed. Click "more >>" to view them all.


Also known as "Clause" or "Sentence Analysis", these resources will appear in the Visualizations section. They will break down the individual clauses in a diagram view.

Primary Section: Word By Word

The Word By Word section relays morphological and lexical information for your passage at the individual word level. It provides a wealth of information, including the original language compared to your preferred bible, and a summary of each word in the passage.

This section is heavily dependent on library resources - which package you own will make a big difference in what information is accessed.

Choose which words are displayed by clicking the hidden "Settings" on the header. It will appear when you mouse over it.

What information is being displayed?

From each word entry, you can view the original form, transliterated form and passage context in the header.

Resource Data
Below the header are the lemma form, pronunciation tool, transliterated lemma, English definition, morphological information, "sense" (where available) and quick links to your lexicons.

Click the lemma to launch a Bible Word Study on the original lemma form. The transliterated and English forms are also displayed in this line.

Click the Pronunciation icon to hear the word aloud (currently supports Greek only - requires Greek Pronunciation datasets included in certain base packages).

Each morphological trait is displayed on the morphology line. Hover over or click on a trait to view more information from the Glossary.

You will also get links to your Lexicons, including a brief preview of their content. Click the short title to open the entry. Clicking "more >>" will reveal more results if applicable.