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Example Study Continued: Thematic Outlines & Passage Lists

Before you Begin: This training is intended to follow the Example Study on Grace. If you haven't already, please view it first.

View Grace Study >>

  • From the Topic Study Layout, click on the Sermon Starter tab.
  • Scroll down to the Thematic Outlines section.
  • Choose an outline.
    We're using "Grace and Salvation" for this tutorial.

You should see a breakdown of your topic, including a Synopsis and several sub-themes with their supporting scriptures. We can use this to create a Thematic Outline, copy to a Passage List or export to a Proclaim Presentation.

Create a Thematic Outline

Starting a sermon or lesson plan? Click on the blue text at the top of the outline to select the text editor (e.g. Microsoft Word) you'd like to use, then press copy to send the outline to your editor.

Your outline should appear in the editor with all of the supporting scripture from your preferred Bible. You can comment and add your own notes in the document.

If you're working in Microsoft Word, you may want to import your final outline back into Logos as a Personal Book.

Learn How >>

Copy to Passage List

A Passage List provides access to a few additional features that you can't access directly from the Sermon Starter Guide:


You may want to select the "Passage List" option, to create a passage list document you can share with other Logos users in your Faithlife Community.

You can share this document with other Logos users by clicking on the panel menu icon and choosing "Manage document sharing". This way anyone in your group can access the list, with the option to change translations to any Bible they own.

Memorize Scripture

Click "Memorize" in the top-right corner to open the Memorization Tool.

Launch another Guide

Right-click a scripture reference to access the Context Menu. Select the "Bible" datatype (on the right), then choose "Passage Guide" or any other guide type, to learn more about the passage.

Add to & Combine Lists

Click the "Add" button, to append additional passages from a reference range, the clipboard, a file or document or any previously created passage list.

Click the "Merge" button to combine passage lists based on Boolean controls, like showing only passages that appear in both lists.

Click "Sort" to reorganize all passages within the list by their canonical order.


If you use the Proclaim Presentation Software, you can export your topic directly to a presentation. Select "Proclaim" and click "Copy" to send the outline to your open presentation as a new Bible slide item. You'll need to be sure to open Proclaim first, and log in with the same account you use in Logos 5.

Note: You can also export to Microsoft PowerPoint. Some additional editing may be required.