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Devotionals on the Home Page

Devotionals can be a great aid for daily study and reflection. You can access them in a few different ways in Logos. Perhaps the easiest and most apparent way is right on the Logos Home Page.

Let's make sure they're turned on:

  • Open the Home Page (top left).
  • Click the "Customize" icon (bottom left).
  • Make sure the "Devotionals" option is checked.

After making any changes to the Home Page, it will refresh and your daily devotionals should appear in the "newspaper" area (pictured right).

You'll notice, the entire entry may not be visible. Click "more >>" to open the full entry in a resource panel.

Tip: Depending on the size of the Logos window, and how much other content is enabled, you may need to scroll through the newspaper to see them.

Devotionals in the Library

Of course the Home Page will only show a few devotional resources, but you may have more to choose from in the Library. To find them more easily, let's filter the Library to show only Devotionals:

  • Open the Library.
  • In the "Find" field, enter "type:devotional".
  • Click a Devotional title to open it. Today's reading will appear automatically.
Prioritizing Devotionals

By prioritizing your devotionals, you can control which ones appear on the Home Page first. In the Library, click "Prioritize" and drag you favorites to the Prioritize list.

Tip: It doesn't matter where they go in the list, but keep your Devotionals grouped together, so they are easier to manage if you ever decide to re-prioritize them.

Understanding "Daily" Devotionals

You may notice that you have some "devotionals" that don't appear under the "type:devotional" filter, or on the Home Page (like Vyrso eBook devotionals). The reason for this, is many authors write devotionals, and some even call them "daily," but they do not assign each reading to a specific calendar day.

Let's look at some examples:

Pictured above, you'll see that Connect the Testaments (left) shows a calendar day in the reference box, and calendar dates in the Table of Contents, but The 7-Day Prayer Warrior Experience (right) does not. This makes all the difference, but it doesn't mean we can't read it every day.

Let's set up a "shortcut" for our 7-Day devotional to make it easier to get to:

  • Open The 7-Day Prayer Warrior Experience.
  • Click and drag the Title or "tab" up to the "Shortcuts" bar (pictured below).

Now we can open The 7-Day Prayer Warrior Experience directly from the Shortcuts bar and Logos will automatically remember where we left off so we can continue reading just like a "daily" devotional, and just as conveniently.

Tip: Want to track your progess on The 7-Day Prayer Warrior Experience? Consider setting up a Reading Plan for this resource.