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Logos 5.0+


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Using the Command Box

The Logos "Command" box, located top-center of the main Logos window, is designed to execute specific commands in Logos. It can perform searches, open resources, change settings or execute tools. We'll discuss a few of these options in this article.

Search Commands

By entering a "Search" followed by a Word or Topic in the Command box, Logos will open a Search panel and perform a Basic Search for that word. You can also perform other types of searches. Try entering "Bible Search" followed by a word to search your Bibles.

To learn more about searching, click here.

Opening Books and Tools

The "Open" command will open resources and tools. Try "Open" followed by a Bible, like ESV. You can even select your passage, for example: "Open ESV to Prov 1:1" will open directly to the first verse of Proverbs. You can also open "Bible Facts" or "Timelines" if you own these datasets.

Executing Tool Commands

The Command box can also execute commands to change settings in the application, or check for updates. If you want to check for application updates, use the "Update Now" command, or check for new resources and resource updates with "Update Resources". (These updates occur automatically by default. The commands are only used when troubleshooting or using non-standard download settings.)

To see more commands, type "Show Help" in the command box, then choose "Command Box" from the list of topics.