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About this Video

The new Clause Search takes your searches deeper by providing results for pronouns, indirect references and more; beyond that of simple proper names. For example: this allows you to find places where Jesus is mentioned as "him", "his" or "he".

Using Clause Search

  • Go to Search and click "Clause" to begin.
  • At the top of the window, enter a person you're interested in; "person:Jesus", for example.
  • Hit Enter to view results from your library.
    • Be sure to define your search with the "Person:" modifier. This keys into Logos' new Refferrent Data for Biblical People.
    • To change between Old and New Testaments, choose the appropriate resource at the top of the menu.


  • The ESV will be used by default, but you can change or add versions by typing them into the appropriate field.

Narrow your Results

Now that you have your search, you can narrow your results by adding variables; "place:Jerusalem" for example. This will limit your results to places where Jesus appears in Jerusalem regardless of which noun or pronoun is used for either.


You'll notice, in Matthew 4:5, Jesus is mentioned as "him" and Jerusalem is called "the holy city", but Clause Search is able to find it anyway; a feature unique to Logos Bible Software 5.