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Did you know that Logos Bible Software comes with a special tool, just for copying Bible verses to applications? This is called the Copy Bible Verses Tool.

What it Does

The Copy Bible Verses Tool (CBVT) quite literally copies a Bible verse or passage, but it provides a lot more options than the usual Copy/Paste function, saving a lot of time editing Bible text in other applications. You can access it in two ways:

Directly from the Copy Bible Verses Tool
  • Inside Logos, go to "Tools" and select "Copy Bible Verses" from the menu. CBVT will open in a tool tray on the right-side of the Logos application window.
  • Outside Logos, you can also open CBVT with the global shortcut: CTRL+ALT+B (Mac: Command+Shift+J).
    The Logos application must be open in the background for this to work.
Or Replace a Reference in Compatible Applications

Windows Users: You can perform a similar action via Microsoft SmartTags in compatible versions of Microsoft Word.

Mac Users: You can also use your CBVT directly from applications that support system level Services. Just type a reference, select it and press Command+Shift+E.

Available Options & Buttons

CBVT will try to automate most options by "following" your open Bibles, defaulting to your preferred Bible, and remembering your previous style and target settings.

  • Passage - Enter the desired passage range.
    If you already have a Bible open, CBVT will jump to the same passage when opened.
  • Style - Choose a format style or create your own (Advanced).
  • Bible - Choose a Bible translation (Defaults to preferred Bible).
  • Target - Choose an application to copy to.
  • Copy - Copy the passage to the clipboard.
  • Copy and Paste - Automatically paste to the target application.
Copy VS Copy and Paste

Use "Copy" to hold a passage in the clipboard and go to another application to paste it, or use "Copy and Paste" to bypass this step. CBVT will paste the passage at your cursor in the target application. If the target application is not open, a new document will be created.

Note: Text in the clipboard can be pasted almost anywhere, usually with an "Edit > Paste" menu, but pasted text may not match the CBVT preview, depending on the application being pasted to.

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