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Grouping Resources by Category

Note: This article builds on topics discussed in previous articles: Creating Dynamic Collections, Using the Library

Did you know that you can create custom collections in Logos 5 by categories, like subject, author, series, etc?

  • To begin, open Tools
  • Select Collections from the menu.
  • If a new collection doesn't open automatically ("Unnamed Collection"), choose New.
  • Enter a name for the collection.
    We'd suggest using the category your collection will be for (e.g. "My Lexicons").
Entering your Collection Rule

As discussed previously, collections in Logos are dynamically generated based on a "rule." Enter a rule for your collection. For our example, we're using the "Type" category, and looking for lexicons. You can find more categories by right-clicking any column header in the Library panel. Each column is a Logos category.

  • Click on the "Rule" field.
  • Enter your category rule: type:lexicon

You can further define your collection by adding additional categories as needed. For instance, if you'd like to group your lexicons (original language dictionaries) with your English dictionaries, try using "type:lexicon OR type:dictionary".

These general instructions apply to all collections. Want to see all of your Bibles? Use "type:Bible" or try "type:bible AND lang:English" to limit that collection to English translations. Don't forget, if a particular resource doesn't appear with your rule, you can add it manually by dragging it from the Library into the "Plus these resources" section. Anything your rule finds, which you'd rather not include, can be dropped into the "Minus these resources" section.