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Logos 5.1+


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About Media Resources Greek Pronunciation

Using "Read Aloud" in Logos Resources

You can use the "Read Aloud" function (Windows: CTRL+R, Mac: Command+R) to have Logos read your resources for you. Depending on the resource you are using, this feature may have different options available. To view your options for any resource, open the resource and click the Panel Menu (book cover) in the top-left corner of the resource. This feature will vary by resource, and may not be available in some resources. If "Read Aloud" is unavailable, it will not be listed in the Panel Menu.

Controlling the Audio

When using Read Aloud, the Read Aloud toolbar will appear at the top of the application window, near the "Sync" arrows and "Layouts" menu.

  • Play or Resume
  • Pause
  • Skip back 30 seconds
  • Change Speed
  • Stop and Close the toolbar

Changing Voices

In most resources, Read Aloud will use the "System Narrator" to read the text. You can change the System Narrator voice by changing your computer's "Text to Speech" settings.

To change this setting in Windows:
  • Go to Control Panel
  • Select "Speech Recognition"
  • Click on "Text to Speech"
  • Choose from the "Voice selection" menu.
To change this setting on Mac:
  • Open System Preferences
  • Select "Dictation & Speech"
  • Choose from the "System Voice" menu.

Using Logos Voices

Logos 5.1 introduces a new "Read Along" feature which adds Logos-Specific voices to certain resources and an in-resource indicator to show what word is being read. This is currently only available for the Lexham English Bible (Audio included automatically) and most Greek New Testaments (Requires "Greek Audio New Testament", and redefines it as a Read Along resource).

"Read Along" resources read the text in a more natural, pre-recorded voice which can be selected within Logos and will be expanded to include more resources over time.

Turning on The Indicator
  • Click on the Panel Menu
  • Select "Show word by word indicator"

Changing Logos Voices

Some resources may have multiple voice options. You can change between them in the Panel Menu.

  • Click on the Panel Menu
  • Click on small arrow, next to the voice name
  • Select the desired voice from the menu

Note: Audio resources stream their audio from the server to save space and reduce the download size of updates. To learn about using them offline, click here.

Using Logos Audio Resources (Audio Only)

Some Audio Resources may not include an associated text, or may be usable without the associated text. These will be listed in the library, usually with "Audio" in the title (example: "Lexham English Bible Audio") and may not include the "Word by word indicator" that you see in "Read Along" resources.

Selecting your Section or Passage Range

To play these resources, open them like a normal resource and select the desired section or passage range from the list.

Using the in-resource Player

When you click on an audio section or passage range, the Audio Player will appear in the resource. This player contains the same controls as the Audio Toolbar and includes a volume slider.