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Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows

Using keyboard shortcuts within Logos 4.

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Platform / Device


Operating System

Windows XP Vista Windows 7


Logos 4.0+


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General Keyboard Shortcuts

activate window menu = Alt+space

add current location to Favorites = Ctrl+D

apply visual markup = Ctrl+K

clone this panel in a new tab = Ctrl +Shift+N

close current panel = Ctrl+F4

close panel = Ctrl+W

close all panels = Ctrl+Shift+W

close program = Alt+F4

copy = Ctrl+C

copy = Ctrl+Ins

cut = Ctrl+X

cut = Shift+Del

delete = Del

dismiss, or exit drawing mode = Esc

enter drawing mode or clear drawing = F8

erase visual markup = Ctrl+Shift+K

expand all timeline groups = Ctrl+E

forces sign in prompt at startup = Ctrl (keep Ctrl held down until Sign In appears)

go to Command Box = Alt+D

go to Home Page (from a floating window) = Alt+Home

go to menu bar = F10 (then press Enter key to open or activate)

go to menu bar = Alt (then press underlined letter keys to open or activate)

go to next tab = Ctrl+Tab

go to previous tab = Ctrl+Shift+Tab

go to reference box of current resource/guide = Ctrl+G

help = F1

next = Alt+down

next equivalent resource = Ctrl+Shift+right

open History = Ctrl+H

open Library in a floating window = Ctrl+L

open Search (from a floating window) = Ctrl+Shift+S

open Search panel = Alt+S

open/close Customize home page menu = Alt+C

open/close File menu = Alt+F

open/close Guides menu = Alt+G

open/close Help menu = Alt+P

open/close Home Page = Alt+H

open/close Layouts = Alt+A

open/close Library = Alt+L

open/close Tools menu = Alt+T

paste = Ctrl+V

paste = Shift+Ins

previous = Alt+up

previous equivalent resource = Ctrl+Shift+left

print = Ctrl+P (limted at this time)

quick comparison of the active verse/selected text = F7

redo = Ctrl+Y

refresh = F5

search for [word, "phrase"] in Entire Library = Ctrl+Shift+Enter (after typing search term in Command Box)

search for [word, "phrase"] in Top Bibles = Ctrl+Enter (after typing search term in Command Box)

select all = Ctrl+A

set Bookmark (1-9) = Ctrl+Shift+1...9

switch keyboard focus to next panel = Ctrl+F6

switch keyboard focus to previous panel = Ctrl+Shift+F6

switch to next tab = Ctrl+Page Down

switch to previous tab = Ctrl+Page Up

undo = Alt+Bksp

undo = Ctrl+Z

zoom in = Ctrl+=

zoom out = Ctrl+-

zoom to fit = Ctrl+0

Resource Panel Menu Keyboard Shortcuts

copy location as [URL][HTML][WIKI][RL] = Ctrl+Alt+C

find (in this panel) = Ctrl+F

read aloud = Ctrl+R

reading view = F11

show/hide interlinear pane = Ctrl+Shift+R

show/hide locator bar = Ctrl+Shift+L

show/hide table of contents = Ctrl+Shift+C

Copy Bible Verses Panel Menu Keyboard Shortcut

open Copy Bible Verses tool in a floating window from any Windows application (if Logos 4 is running) = Ctrl+Alt+B

Last Updated: 10/9/2012