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Installing Logos 4 About Indexing

Logos 4 takes a new approach to reverse interlinears. No longer separate resources, they're now integrated into many of the morphologically tagged Bibles in your library and are accessible in two different formats.

Option 1:

To access the reverse interlinear for the translation you're reading, click the “Display” button at the top of your bible. In the menu provided, click the “Inline” box. This will display your reverse interlinear inline with your bible text.

Option 2:

The second reverse interlinear option is accessed by clicking the button directly to the right of "Display." This button will look like a dark square with two horizontal lines at the bottom of it.

This will display a reverse interlinear "ribbon" in the bottom porption of your bible as a separate panel.

Bibles Supporting Interlinear in Logos 4*
  • English Standard Version
  • King James Version
  • New American Standard Version 1995 Update
  • New International Version
  • New King James Version
  • New Living Translation
  • New Revised Standard Version
  • Lexham English Bible
  • Lexham Greek-English New Testament
  • Lexham Greek-English Septuagint
  • Interlinear Literal Translation of the Greek New Testament, by Thomas Newberry

    *Bibles vary depending on your collection