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Keyboard Shortcuts in Libronix DLS 3.0

[Logos for Mac 1.1 keyboard shortcuts can be found at]


Activate “Tip” window=Ctrl+Shift+T

Activate first text box or drop-down list in window toolbar=Ctrl+G

Activate Help window=Ctrl+Shift+H

Activate least recently activated window=Ctrl+Shift+Tab

Activate most recently activated window=Ctrl+Tab

Activate next text box or drop-down list in window toolbar=Tab

Activate previous text box or drop-down list in window toolbar=Shift+Tab

Add to Favorites =Ctrl+D

Apply Visual Markup or Insert Reference=Ctrl+K

Close All Windows =Ctrl+Shift+W

Close all windows and open Home Page=Ctrl+Alt+Home

Close Window =Ctrl+F4

Close Window =Ctrl+W

Contents Pane =Ctrl+Shift+C

Copy =Ctrl+C

Copy =Ctrl+Insert

Cut =Ctrl+X

Cut =Shift+Delete

Delete =Delete

Display system menu of active window=Alt+Hyphen

Display system menu of main window=Alt+Space

Erase Visual Markup=Ctrl+Shift+K

Exit Application =Alt+F4

Find =Ctrl+F

Go > Back =Alt+Left

Go > Forward =Alt+Right

Go > Next=Alt+Down

Go > Previous =Alt+Up

Go back in History=Ctrl+Alt+Left

Go forward in History=Ctrl+Alt+Right

Go To Bookmark 1 =Ctrl+1

Go To Bookmark 2 =Ctrl+2

Go To Bookmark 3 =Ctrl+3

Go To Bookmark 4 =Ctrl+4

Go To Bookmark 5 =Ctrl+5

Go To Bookmark 6 =Ctrl+6

Go To Bookmark 7 =Ctrl+7

Go To Bookmark 8 =Ctrl+8

Go To Bookmark 9 =Ctrl+9

Home Page =Alt+Home

Information Window =Ctrl+Shift+I

Libronix DLS Help =F1

Locator Pane =Ctrl+Shift+L

Move Note Down=Ctrl+Down

Move Note In=Ctrl+Left

Move Note Out=Ctrl+Right

Move Note Up=Ctrl+Up

My Library =Ctrl+L

New Document =Ctrl+N

New Window =Ctrl+Shift+N

Next Note =F4

Next Pane =F6

Next Resource =Ctrl+PgDn

Next Search Result or Find Next=F3

Next Window =Ctrl+F6

Note Files: Bold=Ctrl+B

Note Files: Font=Ctrl+Shift+F

Note Files: Italic=Ctrl+I

Note Files: Underline=Ctrl+U

Open Document =Ctrl+O

Paste =Ctrl+V

Paste =Shift+Insert

Previous Note =Shift+F4

Previous Pane =Shift+F6

Previous Resource =Ctrl+PgUp

Previous Search Result or Find Previous=Shift+F3

Previous Window =Ctrl+Shift+F6

Print =Ctrl+P

Redo =Ctrl+Y

Redo =Ctrl+Shift+Z

Redo =Alt+Shift+Backspace

Reference Browser =Ctrl+R

Select All =Ctrl+A

Set Bookmark 1 =Ctrl+Shift+1

Set Bookmark 2 =Ctrl+Shift+2

Set Bookmark 3 =Ctrl+Shift+3

Set Bookmark 4 =Ctrl+Shift+4

Set Bookmark 5 =Ctrl+Shift+5

Set Bookmark 6 =Ctrl+Shift+6

Set Bookmark 7 =Ctrl+Shift+7

Set Bookmark 8 =Ctrl+Shift+8

Set Bookmark 9 =Ctrl+Shift+9

Standard Search =Ctrl+Shift+S

Topic Browser =Ctrl+T

Undo =Ctrl+Z

Undo =Alt+Backspace

Zoom In =Ctrl+Shift+.

Zoom Out =Ctrl+Shift+,


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