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Inductive Bible Study Seminar

Inductive Bible Study Seminar

Since 1997 Morris Proctor has taught people to use Logos Bible Software in a seminar called Camp Logos. The response and encouragement to Camp Logos have been overwhelming. He’s now ready to go to the next step and here’s why. After each seminar people would call or email asking something like, “ Thanks for teaching me all the features of my software. How do I now apply all the power of the software to actually study a Bible passage and prepare a sermon or Sunday School lesson?” Morris spent countless hours answering the questions. Those answers are now the framework of this new seminar.

During the two days you’ll examine principles for correctly interpreting the Bible. For each principle Morris will give a “mini-teaching “ explaining its importance for Bible study and offering practical examples from Scripture. After the explanation you’ll learn to practically use your Bible software to implement the principles. You’ll learn which of the many Libronix features work best for each principle. To pull all of the teaching together, you’ll actually study Philippians 1:27-30. You will gain actual experience in using Logos Bible Software to study the Bible. When you leave the seminar you’ll know not only how to study the Bible inductively but also how to use Libronix.

Here is a brief outline of the Bible study principles:



  • Literary Context
  • Historical Context
  • Thought Structure
  • Word meanings
  • Context
  • Doctrinal Context
  • Supplemental Studies


Please underscore, when you will leave the seminar you will know how to use many powerful features of the software as well as have a practical plan for studying the Bible.

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