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How to Define a Collection

In Libronix you can create collections of books to customize your library and your searches. Any collection you define will appear in a list of collections in My Library, where you could, for example, list only commentaries or only Bible dictionaries. Collections also appear in search dialogs. You could create a collection of all your favorite books and use it to limit your searches to those books. You could also create a collection of books that you need to use for a specific research project to have quick access to those titles for a limited time.

Creating a Collection

Follow these steps to create a collection of all the Bible dictionaries in the Scholar’s Library:

  1. Go to Tools | Define Collections and click on the New button.
  2. In the next dialog, make sure the books are listed by Title and type the following terms in the Find box to find the titles of the all the Bible Dictionaries (you could also just scroll through the list of books if you wanted to).


  1. Select the title of each book and then click the Add button to add that title to the window on the far right. This window contains the list of resources to be included in the collection.
  2. Once the five Bible dictionaries are listed in the Resources window, write Bible Dictionaries in the Name field and click OK.

Congratulations! You have just created a collection. This new collection will appear in the Define Collections dialog where it can be edited or deleted. It's even easier to create a collection of books that come in a series. For example, we can create a collection consisting of all the books in the Old Testament Survey series.

  1. Again, go to Tools | Define Collections and click on the New button.
  2. In the next dialog, make sure the books are listed by Title and type Old Testament Survey in the Find field. You will see a list of the books in that series. Simply click on the first title and then keep clicking on the Add button until all the books in the series are listed on the right.
  3. Type a title for the collection in the Name box and click OK.

Using Your New Collection

Browse Your Collection in My Library

Close the Define Collections dialog and go to My Library. The collections you have created will appear in the Collection dropdown list. Choosing a collection title will limit the list in My Library to the books contained in that collection.

Limit Searches to Your Collection

Go to Search | Basic Search where you will see the new collections listed in the In drop-down list. Select one to limit your search to the books in that collection.

Add Your Collection to Passage Guide

Click Tools | Bible Study | Passage Guide to open the Passage Guide report; click on Properties and select your new collection from the drop-down list.  Click OK.  Now Passage Guide will find any references to your passage inside that collection of books.

Generate a Bibliography for Your Collection

Go to Tools | Library Management | Bibliography. This report generates a bibliography of all the books in a collection, using any of a variety of citation styles. This can be useful for documenting research or academic papers that require a bibliography.