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Basic & Bible Searching

Performing basic and Bible searches in the Logos Bible app.

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iPhone 3Gs (or newer) iPad

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iOS 5.1 (or higher)


Logos Bible 4.0+


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Basic & Bible Searching in Logos Bible

If you're using Logos Bible with internet access, you have access to our powerful cloud-based search engine. You can begin a search by following the instructions below.

  • Open the Navigation Drawer.
  • Tap the Search option.
  • Select Basic or Bible.
  • Enter your search terms in the Search field.
What's the difference between Basic and Bible searches?

Basic: A basic search will look for results in all of your commentaries, dictionaries and various other resources. You can search for a word, phrase or Bible reference.

Bible: A Bible search is specifically restricted to the Biblical text. It will only look at Bibles and specifically the text within the individual verses. For example, a search for "love" will find every verse that mentions "love" and a search for "John 3:16" will not give results, because that reference is never quoted in the Bible (versification was added later for easier study).

Limit Results by Collection or Range

Below the search field, you should see a blue menu text; "Entire Library" when performing a Basic search, or "Top Bibles" and "All Passages" for Bible searches. Tap any of these options to adjust the range of your search.

Search History

Want to get back to a previous search? You should see your search history below the limit options. Tap any search to perform that search again. If you've added new resources to your library since the last time you performed the search, you may get more results.

Last Updated: 9/29/2014