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Reading Plans

The Logos Bible app allows you to follow your Logos 6 reading plans or create your own. To begin, select a starting point and follow the steps below.

Create a Simple Preset Plan from the Home Page

If you're on the Home Page already, you can quickly create a preset plan using the steps below:

  • From the Home Page, locate the "Todays Readings" section.
  • Tap the Add Item icon.
  • Choose "Bible Reading Plan".
    (Optional) if you have a plan you created earlier, you can select it here to add it to the Home Page.
  • Tap "New Reading Plan".
  • Select Private or Group Reading Plan.
    Group plans will be attached to your groups.
  • Select a plan preset from the list.

Plans created here will always use your default Bible and automatically appear on the home page.

To Mark a plan as read, or remove it from the homepage, swipe it to the left and choose "More" or "Remove".
Removed plans are still available in the Documents menu and in other Logos apps.

Get Advanced Controls in the Documents Menu

Reading plans can also be created, customized, edited and permanently deleted in the Documents menu.

  • Open the Documents menu.
  • Tap the New Document icon.
  • Choose Reading Plan.

A new Reading Plan Document will open, allowing a few more options than the simple presets provide. Tap any blue text to edit that field, and tap "Generate Plan."

Editable Fields:
  • Bible Translation
  • Bible Range
  • Starting Date
  • Privacy (e.g. "Myself" or a group)

Tip: You don't have to choose a range. You can still select a preset from the list; and be sure to scroll down to view all of the available presets.

Delete a Reading Plan

Done with a plan? You can delete it permanently from the Documents list.

  • Open the Documents menu.
  • Locate the plan you'd like to edit or delete.
  • Swipe it to the left.
  • Choose "Delete" to remove it from your account.