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Community Notes

Introducing Notes:

Logos notes allow us to quickly record important thoughts and information while reading. There are two basic types of notes:

  • Note on Reference - A note that appears in all Bibles.
  • Note on Selection - A note that appears only on the selected text.
    See Also: Highlighting

Each note is visible within the Bible or resource it was created and stored inside a Note Document, which is like a folder of notes.

Create or Edit a Note

As we discover a word (or phrase) we want to annotate, long-press the word (if annotating a phrase, drag the selection handles to fit the phrase) and choose "Note" to open the Note Editor.

To edit a previous note, tap the Note Icon to open the Note Editor

The Note Editor

The Note Editor is where we write our notes and customize their styling.

  • First, choose "Private Note".
  • Choose "Selection" to attach this note to this specific resource and text.
  • Choose "Reference" to attach this note to all Bibles that contain this reference.
  • The "Note Title" will be pre-filled with the selected text, but can be changed as needed.
  • Enter a note in the note field (below the Note Title).
  • If this is a "Selection" note, select a highlight style (pictured, right).
  • If this is a "Reference" note, select a note icon and color.
  • Select the "Document" to store this note in.
  • Click "Done" to close the Note Editor and view the note in the resource.
  • (Optional) Press "Cancel" to close without saving, or "Delete" to delete a note entirely.

Note: By selecting "Community Note" at the top of the editor, you can access the Faithlife community and share this note with your groups.

Browse Note Documents

Previously created notes will appear within the resources they were attached to, but they can also be browsed by the documents they were saved in. To browse Note Documents:

  • Open the Navigation Drawer.
  • Tap the Documents icon.
  • Browse the list of documents, or Search for a specific document by name or type (e.g. "Note").